Matt and Mishel Keltner
FCA Area Representatives in Skagit County

Matt and Mishel Keltner came on board with FCA as Area Representatives in Skagit County, October of 2017.  As prospective staff they

are currently working to fund raise and build their team while expanding their relational network throughout Skagit County.

Having grown up in Anacortes, Matt and his family returned from the mission field in 2002 to serve there in pastoral ministry which included worship, operations, family ministry and small group discipleship ministries.  Their family has been deeply invested in two local churches from 2003 until the summer of 2017.

They have five children age fourteen to twenty two, all of which have been involved in club, high school and collegiate level athletics.  God has used and is using the time they have had raising children who are athletes to cultivate a love and concern for athletes, coaches and all those influenced by them.

Mishel, a former standout volleyball player in Southern California, has coached volleyball at the club (community), high school, community college and NAIA levels for over twenty years and is currently coaching at Washington Volleyball Academy and locally in Anacortes High School for nine years.  Matt was a high school athlete in Anacortes and has experience coaching community sports as well as coaching in other environments.

The transition to FCA is a “natural fit” to everyone who knows them.  As a couple they believe that the potential for growth and transformation (lasting change) is made possible in the gospel and increases as faith is integrated into all aspects of life. To them, faith is as relevant in the gym, weight room and on the field as it is in the home, office, lab and place of worship and they will be working with others to make this a reality in Skagit County through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

To contact them please call 360.941.3212 or for Matt and 360.420.4492 or for Mishel.

To support them financially please go to