FCA Whatcom County - March 2018

There are a lot of great ways I see FCA at work in our county. There are two that are most visible for me. One is the huddle group that meets in my classroom on Tuesday mornings. It is completely student-run,  student-athletes get together, share a passage that relates to sports and their lives. They discuss real-life challenges and offer each other encouragement. As a fly-on-the-wall I am probably more encouraged by what they say that the students themselves.

The other place is the monthly coaches breakfast where anywhere from ten to twenty coaches focus on growing in grace and coaching with eternal goals. I always leave that breakfast time with a renewed purpose to focus on investing into players lives and coach with goals beyond just winning games. As once coach once shared, “we may the only Bible our players ever read.”

Ferndale FCA

We are alive and well in the Ferndale FCA huddle!  We did hand out over 40 Growing with Christ Books and have been using the book to guide our huddle.  The cool part is that some of the Young Life kids and local youth groups have asked for and are using the same Growing with Christ Books. Most are doing them in “Quads” (Which is small groups of 4 diving into the 13 chapter study).

What we have learned is that 30 minutes in the FCA huddle is not enough time to cover 1 chapter of the Growing in Christ Book.  The Lord put it on my heart to coach a small group of boys who wanted to meet outside of the huddle in the “Quad” style.   So, I invited who the Lord put on my heart: 2 seniors, 1 Junior, 1 Sophomore and 1 Freshmen.  All said yes to the invite and we just finished all 13 Chapters from the Growing in Christ Book.  This style of discipleship was off-the-charts for all who were involved.  To see the boys’ growth in 15 weeks or so, has been a true thrill.  Now, March Madness—Those boys are all launching their own “quads” using the same Growing Book and inviting 3 new boys that they can lead.  Next week, Lord willing, we will have 5 boys’ groups!  Glory to God!

These “FCA” quad boys- have 13 verses memorized from the book and can answer questions that the chapter covers—like Salvation, assurance of answered prayer, assurance of victory over temptation, and assurance of guidance.  Putting Christ first, Strength, Giving, Church, Witness and Worship.  Is that not a gift from the Lord!

So, our huddle has been consistent at around 25, with three adults.  We have been doing a 1x a month meal, fellowship and prayer.  The greatest victory has been the boys quad outside of the huddle.  The challenge is now how best to use that 30 minutes of huddle time.  The book is tough to cover, but maybe the huddle will be used as an on ramp to smaller FCA quads.

The photo below is the state basketball tournament